Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Little Arteest!

Everyday after work when I pick Isa up, she has a little drawing for me. This is one of my favorites. Lola helped her with the "I love you" part.

This one is funny. She did this one withought any help. It's a picture of "Matt, Isa, and Mommy" and in the bottom left hand corner there are 3 things that look like they could be flowers. Isa says that they are her two baby brothers, and one baby sister. She believes that is how many more kids I'm going to have. No thanks to Matt. He puts silly thoughts in her head. Yeah right!

This is one of her whole family. She did this all by herself too. "Coco, Mommy, Alex, Matt, and Mama." She put the letters wherever she could, so they could fit. :D

I don't think I was able to write letters until I was 6. She's brighter than I was. That makes me happy and very proud.


AmyT said...

So dang cute Camille! She really is quite the artist. And such a smartie too. Not many kids can write like she does as such a young age. I am impressed!