Monday, May 26, 2008

May FUN!

Some fun pictures of Isabel being her cute little self. :D

pimp your myspace
I love cell phone pics!

Create myspace graphic with Gickr
my little model.. this was her idea.

date with uncle Paul

feeding each other ice cream.

swinging with Matt. :D

with mama (grandma) at Living Traditions

with g daddy (grandpa) at The Salt Lake City Library.

wearing mommy's BIG sunglasses.


Devin and Kaci said...

What a cutie pie. Camille your daughter is adorable and I love the modeling pics! How are you doing? Are you still at D Russell's office? I hope all is going well. I miss all you girls!

AmyT said...

She is such a babe! Just like her mama. You are a good mom Camille. I love ya!